Rekomendasi Produk Eksfoliasi yang Aman untuk Pemilik Kulit Sensitif

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Kulit sensitif, Jakarta Caring for sensitive skin is quite tricky and must be done with extreme care using appropriate skin care products. Just like other skin types, sensitive skin also requires regular exfoliation. However, there are some important notes to exfoliate sensitive skin owners. Besides needing to be followed by the use of moisturizers, you need to make sure the ingredients in your exfoliator do not cause negative reactions on sensitive skin. The ingredients that need to be avoided are alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Lanolin , and also SLS. If you are still having trouble finding exfoliation products that are safe for owners of sensitive skin, here are a row of products to try!

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10 Percent + Hyaluronic Acid

This exfoliator uses lactic acid, a type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which is known as a powerful ingredient to remove dead skin cells and piles of dirt on the skin. The 10% Lactic Acid formula in this product is combined with the Tasmanian pepperberry content which works to reduce the effects of inflammation and irritation. In addition, this exfoliator is also equipped with hyaluronic acid which can help maintain skin moisture during exfoliation. To ensure your skin does not experience problems after exfoliation, make sure you always use a sunscreen and limit the use of exfoliators to a maximum of 2 times a week.

La Roche-Posay Ultra-Fine Face Scrub for Sensitive Skin

The friendly exfoliation product for sensitive skin is the next La Roche-Posay Ultra-Fine Face Scrub for Sensitive Skin. The formula is intended specifically for you with skin that is easily irritated because it is made using ingredients that are safe for skin and soft particles. The texture of the product is also comfortable when applied because it is shaped as a water-gel. Some of the ingredients that are highlighted in this product include glycerin to moisturize, perlite to reduce excess oil, and pumice that works gently and effectively in removing dirt and dead skin cells.

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Pilihan Produk Eksfoliasi Lainnya

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Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

This exfoliation product is claimed to have the perfect blend of ingredients to work effectively in removing dead skin cells while maintaining skin condition, thus making it brighter and healthier. The content of the rice granule in this product is claimed to help the process of exfoliating the face so that it is cleaner and looks brighter, dull-free. Some other ingredients contained in this product include Pro-Vitamin B5 and vitamin E. Plus, the formula in this Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub is free of fragrance, coloring and chemicals that can trigger irritation on sensitive skin. Although it is safe to use every day, it is recommended that you do a patch test and start exfoliating with this product a maximum of once a week first.

PIXI Peel & Polish

The owner of sensitive skin is also entitled to get clean, healthy and dull-free skin with regular exfoliation using the right products. Pixi Peel & Polish is an exfoliating product that is safe for owners of sensitive skin, because it is made without ingredients that can trigger irritants such as alcohol, fragrances and also parabens. Lactic acid in it works as an exfoliator, papaya fruit extract helps restore skin texture, while sugar cane extract works to brighten facial skin. Apply just enough on the face and neck that are still dry, leave it for 2 minutes, then afterwards give a gentle massage before rinsing it thoroughly using water.

Tatcha Rice Polish in Calming

Tatcha Rice Polish in Calming combines green tea, rice and algae, a natural ingredient from Japan known for its ability to work to help restore a healthier and more radiant skin. The rice polish in this product is combined with amino acid content and a balanced pH that can lift dead skin cells and dirt into the pores, without removing the skin's natural moisture and not making it irritating. With regular use, this exfoliator can also help reduce the signs of premature aging, overcome uneven skin tone due to hyperpigmentation, and also prevent acne. If you have more budget in buying skin care products, Tatcha Rice Polish in Calming is an interesting product to try.

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