Lirik Lagu Svmmerdose, Break My Walls

Syifa Ismalia16 Agu 2019, 09:08 WIB
6 Potret Tarapti Ikhtiar Vokalis Svmmerdose yang Bergaya Nyentrik, Jakarta Band pendatang baru, Svmmerdose mulai mencuri perhatian dengan karya-karyanya yang tak biasa. Digawangi oleh Iqbaal, Rinrin dan Agy, band ini mengusung genre indie pop dengan sentuhan elektronik.

Di tahun 2019 mereka merilis album perdana berjudul She / Her / Hers. Single Break My Walls jadi salah satu yang diandalkan di album tersebut.

Dengan video klip serta lirik yang tampak lebih dewasa, Break My Walls jadi pembuktian tersendiri bagi Svmmerdose. Berikut lirik lagunya.


Svmmerdose - Break My Walls

[Verse 1]

Don't you dare to break my walls

Don't you dare act like heroes

Give me a space and I'll give you two

Nothing to lose, you've got other news

I'm cutting you out of my life

You've crossed the line, you're out of your mind

Every time I wanna leave, you say stay stay stay

There's no more use searching for love



You called me that night invited me to your place

I came with excitement and two drinks in my hands

But you said put the drink down and just get into it

I was so confused but hell yeah let's do it

You were so hard, damn baby you're hot

But it turns out you're tryna break my walls

Oh darling, stop right there I'm not into this anymore

It's time to go home and I'll just go on my own



Scary how it sounds to lose everything in me

You don't know how it feels

It's really easy for you

You forced myself to get into your mind

No no no I ain't falling for you